Write for the first Occupied Harvard Crimson!

We need:

  • a couple of editors
  • one or two people to do design/layout
  • article submissions! 500-800 words by Wednesday night
  • images / cartoons / visual stuff
Please send an email to occupy.harvard@gmail.com if you’re interested in helping with any of the above. We’d like articles directly relating to our demands and statements as well as anything about Harvard’s relationship with students/the community/the economy in general.

Contact: Occupy.Harvard@gmail.com

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3 comments on “Write for the first Occupied Harvard Crimson!


    Demand No. 1: Leave Harvard Yard immediately.
    Demand No. 2: Don’t be a hypocrite. Quit Harvard and attend Bunker Hill Community College to join the 99%.
    Demand No. 3: Get a job and pay back any financial aid Harvard may have already given you.

    • E says:

      Demand No.1: Stop being an asshole.
      Demand No. 2: Get a life.
      Demand No. 3: Go fuck yourself.
      Demand No. 4: Eat shit you piece of shit one percenter.
      Demand No. 5: Repeat Demands 1 through 4 in an infinite loop.

    • Asher says:

      Occupy Harvard would only make sense if they left and went to the streets, where the real world is, and ralelid there, with the actual 99%. Instead they occupy themselves, constituting the 1% of people in the world with greatest opportunities if they work hard. No I am not talking about how much money their parents have. Thats not relevant.

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