NYC Clearing Out Occupy Wall Street

It looks like riot police are about to clear out Zuccotti Park. Although to be clear, I doubt they’re acting without authorization from the Mayor. We support you, Occupy Wall Street.

Watch the Livestream video feed, or keep track of the twitter updates.

UPDATE: New York Times has an article up. Other MSM outlets not yet covering this.

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3 comments on “NYC Clearing Out Occupy Wall Street

  1. E says:

    This just shows that our government is a bunch of fascists.


    Demand No. 1: Leave Harvard Yard immediately.
    Demand No. 2: Don’t be a hypocrite. Quit Harvard and attend Bunker Hill Community College to join the 99%.
    Demand No. 3: Get a job and pay back any financial aid Harvard may have already given you.

  3. Anonime says:

    Hi Occupy Harvard:

    Watching the live feed last night, much of what we saw was a movement that was unprepared for the eviction. Public Mic broke down. Lots of indecision and intertia. Does Occupy Harvard have an “attempted eviction” plan in place, with resistance tactics pre-decided and lawyers at the ready to wake up a judge? Hard to put a GA together on the spot when the police show up with sanitation vehicles…

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