Join the Occupation!

We like making new friends, and we certainly don’t bite. (Not hard, anyway.) So let’s be clear, anyone is welcome to come and join us in the tents! If you’re interested in sleeping out, or in staffing the info table, go ahead and sign up here! And send the link to your friends so they can sign up, too:

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9 comments on “Join the Occupation!


    Is an Appalachian Mountain Club membership required?

    • D says:

      I’m heartened that your bitter replies have become more creative. Keep up the hilarious troll routine!!!!


        We are fed up with your camping activities in Harvard Yard. There’s plenty of camping sites in Vermont and New Hampshire for you to go to. Get out of here and get some fresh air.

        • Sage says:

          This is a protest movement. I am sorry if the message has not gotten out to you as clearly as it should have. I guess Occupy Harvard needs to work harder on getting out the message as to the reasons for the protest and why occupation in tents is an integral part of that.

  2. Snownado says:

    The problem is that not anyone is welcome, you have to have Harvard ID to enter the yard. This gives the impression, whether it is the intention or not, that it’s a bit exclusive, and I can’t see how this is sending out the right kind of message. Why not have it in the common instead? It’s close by and then it will be far more inclusive, because then it really will be accessibly to anyone.

  3. Sage says:

    Occupy Harvard — I am in support of you but you’re losing ground fast in the hearts and minds of possible supporters — would you PLEASE PLEASE define your messages and make that apparent when you walk by the tent city, and when you come to this website! Justice for Janitors is very important, of course, but this is about so much more! Please do it soon… someone with passion, write something, and make some big signs for the tent city … there is sooooo much message possible … also please emphasize that YOU are not shutting down the gates, but that is something to explain to the public in clear terms, so people see the power dynamic that is going on, otherwise you’re being played and you’re not doing anything about it.

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