Occupy Harvard in Solidarity with HEI Workers

Occupy Harvard stands in solidarity with all working people fighting for good jobs and the right to organize. Harvard Management Company is one of the major investors in the private equity funds of HEI Hotels and Resorts, and many workers employed in hotels owned by HEI have asked universities to stop investing in HEI until they are granted a fair process to organize and their hotels are no longer under boycott for workers’ rights abuse.

Thus, Occupy Harvard calls for Harvard to release a statement promising that it will not reinvest in HEI Hotels and Resorts for ethical reasons.

For more information on HEI Hotels and Resorts, please visit http://www.heiworkersrising.org/.

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4 comments on “Occupy Harvard in Solidarity with HEI Workers


    Stop the Occupation Now calls on you to return your Harvard financial aid to benefit those more deserving of Harvard.


  3. […] responsible way.” The entire statement from Occupy Harvard can be found following here at occupyharvard.net. More information about HEI Hotels and Resorts can be found at http://www.heiworkersrising.org/. […]

  4. Irene says:

    Harvard and MIT are different unresieitivs. You need to look on their website under fees and finance and then under international students. Usually the international student fees are a lot more expensive than the local fees, so you can apply for a scholarship!!! Hope this helps!!References :

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