What Are They Afraid Of?

Occupy Harvard has repeatedly reached out to the administration to end its absurd lockdown of the Yard, but has been continually rebuffed. We want the lockdown ended.

What Are They Afraid Of?

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21 comments on “What Are They Afraid Of?

  1. Free Harvard Supporter says:

    “Claims that the administration willing to interact with Occupy Harvard are now unfounded seeing they are willing to reconsider the security situation through dialogue with Free Harvard.”

    Maybe you should draft a resolution that specifically details what Occupy Harvard views as appropriate security responses to A) protect campers B) prevent the camp from expanding with campers not affiliated with Harvard, instead of stonewalling the administration with preconditions as stated on the Free Harvard website (freeharvard . com)…

    Your propaganda is becoming less and less effective in trying to portray the administration as Stalinist Russia. You should thank them for even letting you guys protest on private property anyways and realize the administration has already given you lots of leeway.

    • Jeff Bridges says:

      Many of us have actually reached out to the administration repeatedly—via email, phone calls, and in-person drop bys—with absolutely no response. And we don’t have any preconditions for the meeting, so I don’t know what in the world you’re talking about.

      It’d be best for you to get your facts straight before posting in the future.


    Free speech and free assembly do not apply on private property.

    • …Except that Harvard specifically touts free speech as a hallmark of the Harvard Experience. From Harvard’s official response to the Occupy protests:

      “Free speech and the free exchange of ideas are hallmarks of the Harvard experience, and important values for the university community to uphold.”

      • Confused says:

        This is confusing. Free speech is great, but it’s supposed to have a purpose, not just some garbled yelling. Why don’t you go to class and learn something instead of showcasing your ignorance. You embarrass Harvard…

        • Jeff Bridges says:

          Hmm. How about this for learning something: Harvard is the second largest nonprofit in the world after the Vatican, and they keep their billions of dollars in socially irresponsible investments like HEI Hotels and Resorts and Emergent Asset Management. Why don’t you go to class (or look on our Statement of Principles page: http://occupyharvard.net/about/) to learn about how your school contributes to a broken system? Of course, that’d be less fun than posting nasty comments on our website…

          Is that enough of a purpose for you?

        • Confused says:

          For some reason, I cannot reply to your post directly, but that’s fine. The short answer is no, that is not enough of a purpose, nor is that a purpose at all. The longer answer is, Harvard invests billions of dollars per year and does not have control over what these corporations do. Harvard’s goal is to be profitable (i.e. Harvard the corporation) and to be a world-class educational institution (Harvard the university). It has achieved both goals marvelously, and I am proud to in fact have higher qualifications than a “masters student in divinity”, both in philosophy and in the natural sciences. I am affecting change by actions, by inventions that change the way people interact with the world. You still appear to be just engaging in garbled yelling. So I am, still, confused as to why this doesn’t stop and the freshman/sophomores/whatever who are concentrating in the very soft disciplines of economics, psychology, sociology, etc. (dare I say: choosing easy majors) go to class and actually learn how the world works.

        • Jack says:

          “It has achieved both goals marvelously, and I am proud to in fact have higher qualifications than a “masters student in divinity”, both in philosophy and in the natural sciences. I am affecting change by actions, by inventions that change the way people interact with the world…

          “…You still appear to be just engaging in garbled yelling.”

          Again: we invite conversation here, but please be respectful. Decrying people’s degrees (I’m assuming by searching through Google) is neither appropriate nor altogether kind. In-fighting between different graduate schools of Harvard is not the goal of our movement, nor Harvard’s goal as an institution. It also certainly does not reflect well on the institution (Harvard) that you praise.

          For the record: Harvard has produced clergy – with masters in divinity and theology – since its inception. Indeed, the first graduate of Harvard was a pastor, and the second-oldest graduate school at Harvard is the Divinity School.

    • E says:

      Free speech and free assembly apply against state action. See The Civil Rights Cases, 109 U.S. 3 (1883); Gitlow v. New York, 268 U.S. 652 (1925); DeJonge v. Oregon, 299 U.S. 353 (1937). If Harvard were to ask any police force to evict Occupy Harvard, it would be invoking state action against free speech and assembly and there would be a cognizable claim that such use of the state’s coercive power violates the Constitution. See Shelley v. Kraemer, 334 U.S. 1 (1948).

      Not to mention the fact that, given the immense amount of public funding that Harvard gets for so many of its activities, it hardly qualifies (in any reasonable, non-formalistic sense) as a private entity.


        Harvard is a private entity, if you like it or not. If you want to have fun getting your protest shut down with state troopers you should have gone to UMass.

        • Josh says:

          I’m not sure you read the above comment – it directly addresses your concerns. Also, I’m not sure how your tone helps matters. We welcome debate here, but we would prefer it to be civil.

  3. Let Numbers Speak says:

    Dare to disclose how many already signed the petition to support Occupy Movement so far? How many head counts in your largest general assembly? How many undergraduates in Harvard? Does Occupy Movement represent the voice of majority or minority of Harvard students?

  4. […] even used our new “What are they afraid of?” graphic. Nice touch! Share:FacebookTwitterEmailLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. This […]

  5. jesseg1026 says:

    Occupy Harvard — great poster image — we would love to put it up on occuprint.org

    email us
    and if send a file, specs are: 150dpi, PNG, 10.5 x 16 (or close to it) thanks!

  6. Elitist of the 99% says:

    “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” -James Paul Warburg (1896-1969)

    Dear Citizens of USA ,

    Your waking up is too LATE! Period!

    You should have woken up when in the 70’s our manufacturing industry start moving to Asia. You should have woken up when NAFTA was executed. You should have woken up when insurmountable number of H1B visas were issued early 21st century ruining our IT industry. You should have woken up when in 21st century white professions start being outsourced. You should have woken up to notice that sub-prime mortgages smell fishy. You should have woken up to know that Democrat and Republican parties are the head and tail of the same quarter, both have the value of 25cent. You should have woken up to know long time ago that America was, and will be run by the elitist under the disguise of “democracy”.
    You were all too busy with consumption, being corporate prostitutes,and staying ignorant and fat.

    I’m glad Americans have woken up to the old saying,” Knowledge is power.” But alas, its too late!

  7. Elitist of the 99% says:

    Harvard is not afraid of anything. It just will not bow down to allow riff-raffs camping in the yard.

    This message is for the Yard Campers and All Harvard family:

    Instead of being a hypocrite, get all together and form a think-tank group. Be a leader and show the world how problems should be resolved by proposing solutions and not camping out! Get rid of tents, and instead set up tables and chairs . Inspire and encourage the Harvard family to think, research, and draft proposals of today’s problems. Start having organized meetings to discuss and tackle these issues. Form your own Crimson Capital Hill. Let the world see you are not sitting on your butt in your Coleman tent, and that you are professional leaders.

    When tourists circle the Yard ,what would impress them the most? seeing ugly tents that makes the yard look like a refuge camp, or nice tables and chairs covered with books, articles, notes, and students researching and doing something for a better change?

    If it were not for Harvard brand, you would not apply to the school. You are there because it is tied to elitism, and you love that !!! So, please stop being hypocrites and start taking positive, and professional actions.

    -Proud Harvard Grad Student

  8. artist says:

    Why does Occupy Harvard associate themselves with the Guy Fawkes image? Sure, Fawkes challenged the status quo, just as Occupy Harvard aims to do, but isn’t it shameful to align oneself with a violent traitor whose image was later warped to one of a hero?

  9. Omeson says:

    Works well! It is not obvious, touhgh. Will new users know to click on the yellow bubble or time stamp?Within the thread itself, perhaps you can put the same yellow bubble next to the title of the thread to keep things consistent? Maybe a yellow bubble with a down arrow?

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