Atlantic: Occupy Harvard Goes After Campus Visitors

What Are They Afraid Of?Fantastic post in The Atlantic that everyone should go read right now. From the article:

Occupy Harvard seems to have taken a turn towards the mainstream in Cambridge. On Monday, the protesters announced the success of a petition signed by 110 Harvard professors, some more prominent and more outspoken than others, that condemns the administration locking down Harvard Yard in response to the students’ decision to set up camp in front of the John Harvard statue nearly two weeks ago. The measure led to some ridicule in the press for Harvard keeping even their version of a purportedly all-inclusive protest movement as exclusive as the university itself, but coupled with plans to target celebrities and politicians visiting campus along with the recent flood of support suggest that the protest hopes to take advantage of Harvard’s high profile.

They even used our new “What are they afraid of?” graphic. Nice touch!

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10 comments on “Atlantic: Occupy Harvard Goes After Campus Visitors


    So much for supporting free speech. Stifling other’s speech, even when you don’t agree with it, is not supporting free speech.

    • Newtron Gone says:

      The very brief stifling was the only way to present dissent in that “forum.”

    • E says:

      But according to your posts elsewhere on this site, there is no such thing as free speech on private property. So you should have no complaint, unless you’re a (dare I say it!) hypocrite.


        Occupy Harvard can’t have it both ways. You either support free speech on campus for all, or you don’t.

        • Mike says:

          Nice post. It appears to me that the copnects of Value and Money are becoming more estranged these days. More and more people are recognizing the amazing power of barter for goods and services. Often when we spend cash for a good or service we become entrenched in a narrow view of value, i.e. it’s good enough . When we barter we tend to put more value into our own work for the recipient, and we expect the same in return. I have been singing for my supper’ for the past year now, so I tend to book venues that serve great food. It helps me perform better. ~TH~

    • Jack says:

      You sure hang out here a lot.


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