Dean Hammonds Drops Out of Dudley Forum

We’ve just heard that Dean Hammonds will no longer be speaking at the Dudley House Forum on Occupy Harvard tonight at 6:30.

We regret her decision not to take this opportunity to learn more about Occupy Harvard, as we regret the administration’s decision not to attend any of our frequent General Assemblies, despite persistant invitation.

Dudley event details below [Note OH confirmed with a Dudley administrator that they will NOT be checking IDs in the Common Room. However, note the exclusive language below (which they maintain has to do with room capacity)]:

Occupy Harvard Forum – 6:30 p.m. – Common Room

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Dudley House will host an important forum on Occupy Harvard on Monday, November 21, at 6:30 p.m., in the Common Room, 2nd floor, Dudley House.

Former Dudley House Masters Everett Mendelsohn and Mary Anderson will lead a panel discussion aimed at exploring the concerns and perspectives of Harvard graduate and undergraduate students about the Occupy movement, Yard access, and related issues. The panel will include Harvard students who are active in Occupy Harvard and Occupy Boston.

The event is free and open to Dudley House members (GSAS students, Dudley undergraduates, and residents of the GSAS residence halls). We hope that many of you will join us at Dudley this evening at 6:30 p.m. Space is limited to the size of the Common Room.


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6 comments on “Dean Hammonds Drops Out of Dudley Forum

  1. Let Numbers Speak says:

    Why does it matter whether you must tent in the yard? In a way like a clown attracting the crowd?

    How about go out and occupy the whole wold or the whole universe, if you are crazy enough.

    Do not hide in a protected yard (at it is now) and be a coward.

  2. @LetNumbersSpeak, The Harvard Occupiers have been asking for the Yard to be open to the public since day one.I think you misunderstand the purpose of occupying. The point is to attract a crowd. The whole world is, in fact, occupied, and Harvard (last time I checked) is part of the whole world. So, your argument has apparently collapsed on itself.


    Andrew Farkass, Are you a clown?

  4. Jack says:

    Well that’s just frustrating!

  5. - says:

    I think interpreting “Space is limited to the size of the Common Room.” as underhand ‘exclusive language’ belying some ulterior motive, is a bit far fetched. This sort of thing undermines any more valid points you make, and is representative of a broader problem. The movement would benefit greatly if occasional histrionics didn’t taint what is otherwise reasonable argument.

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