Chris Hedges to Embed with Occupy Harvard on Monday!

Chris Hedges is an author/journalist/war correspondant who has written extensively about issues relevant to the Occupy movement and is himself a strong supporter of Occupy. He is currently a senior fellow at The Nation Institute and writes for Truthdig.

And on Monday, he’ll be embedding with Occupy Harvard!

Here’s an excerpt from his latest book, ‘Death of the Liberal Class:’

Universities no longer train students to think critically, to examine and critique systems of power and cultural and political assumptions, to ask the broad questions of meaning and morality once sustained by the humanities. These institutions have transformed themselves into vocational schools. They have become breeding grounds for systems managers trained to serve the corporate state. In a Faustian bargain with corporate power, many of these universities have swelled their endowments and the budgets of many of their departments with billions in corporate and government dollars. College presidents, paid enormous salaries as if they were the heads of corporations, are judged almost solely on their ability to raise money. In return, these universities, like the media and religious institutions, not only remain silent about corporate power but also condemn as “political” all within their walls who question corporate malfeasance and the excesses of unfettered capitalism.

Monday 11/28 Schedule of Events

3:30 pm: Rally in support of University of California student strike! Meet in front of Science Center.

5:00 pm: Chris Hedges addresses Occupy Harvard! He will first come through the Yard, then head over to the Science Center to speak to those who can’t get in. (At 6:00 pm, he will give a talk entitled Death of the Liberal Class at Yenching Auditorium:

6:00 pm: Occupy Harvard General Assembly. Meet at Johnston Gate.

Later: Chris Hedges returns to the Occupy Harvard encampment to embed for the night!

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4 comments on “Chris Hedges to Embed with Occupy Harvard on Monday!


    The reason universities no longer teach students to think critically is because the liberal arts classical curriculum has been abandoned.

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  3. […] Monday, Nov 28, Pulitzer Prize winning fight match and Nation repository author Chris Hedges will embed with Occupy Harvard, spending a night in a tent in Harvard Yard. Hedges will residence Occupy Harvard and a supporters […]

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