Chris Hedges Live-Tweet

Chris Hedges Hanging with Occupy Harvard

For those who couldn’t make it out to camp tonight, we had a great conversation with our embedded reporter, Chris Hedges. The whole thing was live-tweeted over on @Occupy_Harvard, but because we’re all about making your lives easier, here’s the tweets in all their reverse chronological glory (after the jump).

You’ve got to focus on the task at hand which is just and good. You are called to do the good, and then you let it go. -Hedges
57 minutes ago

We can’t know the end. All we can know is that these people have to be held accountable and that we’re doing the right thing. -Hedges
59 minutes ago

Do anything you can do to show Harvard for what it is. The fact is most of these kids are clamoring to join the 1%. -Hedges
1 hour ago

It’s our job to build movements that threaten power and get them to do what’s right. -Hedges on why #occupy shouldn’t become more political.
1 hour ago

Here’s a clearer picture of #occupyharvard hanging with Pulitzer Prize-winning war correspondent Chris Hedges.
1 hour ago

You’re allowed to go to the mall as a consumer, but not as a citizen. Try to pass out a flier and they’ll kick you out. -Hedges
1 hour ago

There are certain tools of the system, that if you’re going to mount a challenge to a system, you’re going to have to use. -Hedges
2 hours ago

As long as corporations retain their stranglehold, appeals to that system are a waste of time. They write the legislation. -Hedges
2 hours ago

Making demands to a dead system is a waste of time. -Hedges
2 hours ago

Chris Hedges talking with #occupyharvard beside the John Harvard state.
2 hours ago

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3 comments on “Chris Hedges Live-Tweet

  1. Three of my OWS movies are here and I should be there on Thursday as well:

    And I’m down with 040 in NYC

    You guys Daralyn missed Chris Hedges but PLEASE help her! She is a Harvard grad mother and her Harvard associated baby’s father Adam Klein is getting over on her on child support, living it up at 15 Central Park West and getting his payments reduced to way below the Guidelines. He is a convicted felon and it is documented, yet they treat him like gold.

    This is Daralyn Khan’s case in a nutshell.

    Adam Klein’s rap sheet and letter to Columbia J School they are ignoring it and letting him continue as adjunct:

    Very disturbing. PLEASE help her, she is a good woman and they are burning her and her daughter but good. The case needs more attention than I can bring to it. I document it for people like you.


    Christopher King, J.D. — Reel News for Real People — Documenting Deceit


    We are the 1%.


    Occupy Harvard
    Posted at 2011-11-13 11:28:27, F spotting F

    I saw you… Occupy Harvard. If you’re going to critique the school, don’t go here. No one is forcing you to attend this elite university. Drop out and go OCCUPY A JOB.

    Posted at 2011-11-12 20:18:27, M spotting F

    I saw you… Occupy Harvard, being useless human beings. Please go away.

    Occupy Harvard can Occupy Dis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Posted at 2011-11-12 13:39:50, M spotting F

    I saw you…What up guys? This is that dude that wrote a mini-essay in response to the Occupy Harvard Shenanigans. I Was wondering if anybody knew another site that Harvard students frequent where i might be able to write thoughts/opinions etc about how I feel on this? I don’t think its fair that the people “camped” out in tents get to dictate the direction of the entire discussion because they were able to make a spectacle of it (I mean, they’ve shut down the center of the world’s greatest [excuse my hubris, this is debatable] university), while the rest of us have to either suck it up and deal with the inconvenience (which they want), rely on the knuckle-heads at the crimson to write an appropriate response to this movement (they’re not all knuckle-heads of course, but for some reason most of the people who write opinion articles never seem to have original ideas; they simply regurgitate hackneyed positions on issues which have been debated since before they were born, leading to a predictable and often times boring read….SideBar: So we’re all at harvard and we are supposed to be the leaders of the new generation and all that yada yada blah blah. You know what I’m saying. But how is the world ever going to improve if we, the leaders of it, are merely reciting the same arguments that past generations have? arguments which I might remind you have failed to produce any real progress on important issues (environmental, race relations, economic etc…) => solutions to these issues will only come from a real genuine effort to think about them in a new way…but i digress), or post on ISYH (which is great, but insufficient to really make an appropriate mark). You know what I mean? Like there has to be a way for people who want to express frustration about this thing to do it and to be HEARD in the same way that those who are in the tents are heard. Whenever I read an article about this thing and I see others supporting it, it kind of makes my head numb and one way to relieve that pressure is just to write about it. Let me know if you’ve got any suggestions. P.S. Sorry for the broken way that I write sometimes, but that’s how I think and there’s really no filter between thought and word for me. Sorry =[

    Re: re: re: re: Fox News
    Posted at 2011-11-10 16:21:39, M spotting F

    I saw you… the issue doesn’t seem to be that she supports ethical investments, this problem is an expectation that you can have your cake and eat it too – the Harvard Management Company invests to maximize returns, which funds many of the academic perks we have here, including financial aid. They would obviously invest in these so-called “ethical investments” if it produced the same returns, but that is clearly not the case. Furthermore, the ignorance she displays seems to reflect the larger foolish idealism of the Occupy Harvard movement, which seems woefully out of touch with reality and facts. But that last part is my $0.02.

    The Yard
    Posted at 2011-11-11 20:30:01, M spotting F

    I saw you…Occupy Harvard. So proud of you for paying back all the financial aid Harvard has given you to date. It’s wonderful that you plan to go forward using your own funds to cover the costs of your education.

    Occupy Harvard
    Posted at 2011-11-09 22:18:34, M spotting F

    I saw you…I wasn’t at the Diversitas thing, but from what I’m hearing the Occupy Harvard people were pretty low down and rude and interrupted what should otherwise have been a lovely evening. Let me be real for a minute. You guys are dicks. Attention grabbing douchebags “protesting” abstract concepts you don’t understand (NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IT, DON’T GIVE ME THAT CRAP) in a gimmicky attempt to copy another movement, which, while it has its flaws (man does it have its flaws, but let me not get into that), was bred of legitimate ire. What do you have to protest? Are you motherf*ckas out of a job? No? Struggling to feed your family after a desperate, depressing and ultimately fruitless 23-month long search for a job? No? I mean, I’ve got serious problems with the whole Occupy Wall Street thing to begin with (not the least of which is the fact that I think they’re wasting their time by sitting outside in New York and essentially being a burden to the city…Yes, they’re a burden. Move past it. It’s a fact. No snide self-indulgent remarks about how I don’t appreciate what they’re doing. Please and Thank You) but at the heart of what they are doing is legitimate pain, anger, frustration and anxiety. And so I ask you again. What do you have to protest? Occupy Ec 10?…(dramatic pause)…..My n*ggas, how in the hell are you going to protest a supply and demand curve? For real? And this is why you decided it’d be good to ruin an event that many people had looked forward to and that many people put hours into organizing and preparing for? You want a University for the 99%? Dude, let me be real for a second. You ARE the 1%, and if you’re not already a part of the 1% right now, you are “The 1% In Training” (just came up with that phrase; it’s going to be a thing). You are actually protesting yourselves, like straight up jackasses. And I know that some smart-ass is going to read what I wrote above and think the obvious “Not everyone from Harvard goes on to be in the top 1% of the income bracket”. Facepalm. If you don’t get what I’m saying then keep it to yourself; I don’t have time to explain it to you. And let me get back to this Ec 10 thing. I know you all you Economic Ph.Ds in our INTRO TO ECONOMICS class think you were being spoon-fed the economic philosophies that led to the financial collapse (funny how someone who is taking an intro to economics course can understand the underpinnings of an economic disaster so great that its cause is still being debated among the brightest individuals in the field; also funny how some people find a way to blame it on Mankiw as though HE is the one who came up with the economic principles he’s teaching you–see: Adam Smith. If you were in class you’d know he’s the father of modern economics, not Mankiw. You mad?!), but if you would just be patient and wait till the second semester you’d see that a lot of the course also deals with Keynesian Economics. Double Facepalm—when one isn’t enough. So what am I trying to say? In my opinion, the “Occupy” moniker has been hijacked by students who are “protesting” for “protesting”‘s sake, even though they themselves are in a pretty good situation, thereby diluting the significance of the whole damn thing. SMH. Not good. You’re better than that. Now I know you’re asking yourself: how can this dude use the words “n*gga” and “ire” in the same post? That’s just how I roll b*tch! For all those who don’t feel like reading this…TL;DR Summary: Occupy Harvard needs to Occupy DEEZ NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SKEET!

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