Harvard Divinity School Seminar on Occupy Harvard 12/6

Center for the Study of World Religions presents:

The Movement’s Meaning for Harvard Divinity School

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
12-1 PM
CSWR Director’s Conference Room, click here for map

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4 comments on “Harvard Divinity School Seminar on Occupy Harvard 12/6


    Here’s all you need to know: get a job.

  2. PAMELA FOX says:

    Yes I will be there. I was outside the gates at the GA on Monday after Chris Hedges’ Rally and it was such a comfort to see you embrace Dewey Sq folks and share their concerns. Thank you so very much.

  3. Jew Killer says:

    If you want a Harvard for thr 99%, get rid of Jewish networking and favors in university admissions which is responsible for discriminatory admissions policies in favor of Jews at the expense of non-Jews. Since Harvard has quotas for Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and others, these groups are being protected (and rewarded due to receiving entry without earning it). White are being punished by Jewish favoritism. And you wonder why people do not like Jews? Jews have been discriminating against non-Jews for centuries, banding together in order to exploit gentiles. Wall Street, Washington, corporate America, academia, the media, the list goes on. People are sick of it and I have to believe it will not end well for the Jews. Justice will be served you criminals pieces of trash.

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