Occupy Harvard on Ekdin, a daily from Kolkata – by Garga Chatterjee

–The article is the one on the bottom, below Tintin.

In a 1400-word piece published in the Bengali language daily Ekdin, published from Kolkata, India, Garga Chatterjee discusses the aims of the Occupy Harvard (OH) movement, the role of free speech in a university, the UC David pepper spray event and the solidarity and support that OH has received. In the same piece, he draws a comparative picture where in Kolkata, in his Alma-mater Medical College, 110 students  who were protesting the disenfranchisement of 18 students from the keenly contested student union elections, were arrested by the police.He discusses the skewed role of ruling class  political power in creating and permeating a culture of subservience to the goals and ideology of the hegemonic power academic institutions that kow-tow to their diktat. He also discusses the implications of such kow-towing vis-a-vis the contested ‘role of the university’. The piece quotes, in translation, a section of the letter Prof.Clooney of the Harvard Divinity School wrote to the President of the University.


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