Occupy Harvard Teach-in!!!

Wednesday, December 7th
Science Center Hall D
Free and open to the public!

3:30       Brad Epps, Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, Harvard FAS
Fear and Power

4:00     Archon Fung, Professor of Democracy and Citizenship, Harvard Kennedy School
Why Has Inequality Grown in America? What Should We Do About It?

4:30       Andrew Ross, Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University
The Occupy Movement and Student Debt Refusal

5:00        Stephen Marglin, Professor of Economics, Harvard FAS
Heterodox Economics: Alternatives to Mankiw’s Ideolog

5:30        Richard Parker, Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
Wall Street’s Role in the European Financial Crisis

6:00        Christine Desan, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
Booms and Busts: The Legal Dynamics of Modern MoneY

6:30       Walter Johnson, Professor of History, Harvard FAS
Slavery and Capitalism in the United States

7:00       Juliet Schor, Professor of Sociology, Boston College
Economics for the 99%

7:30        John Womack, Professor of Latin American History and Economics, Harvard FAS
At Harvard and in the USA: Vigilance, Inquiry, Alienation, and Hope

Print and distribute the flyer! 

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13 comments on “Occupy Harvard Teach-in!!!

  1. Harry says:

    Come to this meeting on Monday December 5th at 6pm in Austin Hall. A stellar cast of scholars will discuss the fate of civic education, the university and the future of the occupy movement. All students and faculty are invited to attend.


    • Harvard Alumn says:

      Save your time. I can tell you how Occupy Harvard ends, and how Harvard continues.

      The parents of these loud children phone the school regarding their concerns. The children walk a few steps from their hardcore society-changing camps to their comfy dorms.

      Harvard continues minting millionaires unabated.

      You’re welcome.

      • d says:

        Just wanted to point out that the group of ‘loud children’ include grad students, doctorate, post-docs, tutors, workers and at times professors and once, a pulitzer winning journalist. I am not sure why anyone’s parents would call the school, but I don’t see the parents of these people being concerned more for the comfort of their children more than the state of higher education.

        • Harvard Alumn says:

          The reason the masses of Occupy Boston are now prohibited from entering Occupy Harvard is because the parents of students began to call the school in concern. The parents did not want the wretched 99% to touch their little angels. Because the parents pay the school to teach their kids, the school listened to their concerns, and now to be part of Occupy Harvard, you must have a Harvard ID.

          This makes for a wonderful undergrad camping club but does nothing as part of a broader movement. It’s amazing that Harvard students cannot realize the hypocrisy in which their occupation exists.

          Not. Too. Bright.

        • Hmm says:

          “Harvard AlumN” is “not. too. bright.” The university locked the gates hours before the first march on Nov. 9 and long before most of the people who ended up camping out in the Yard even thought about doing so. Parents often have emotional bonds with their children, but I don’t think they have the sort of prophetic powers that “Harvard AlumN” thinks they do.

        • Harvard Alum says:

          Thanks for your typo correction, brilliantly-named “Hmm.” Your reasoning suggests you either do not go to Harvard, or are one of these genius Harvard 99% oxymorons.

          You do not think the parents had the dean shut the gates, because you do not care to find out. I’ve made it easy for you. Here is the communication sent to the parents directly from Evelynn Hammonds:


        • d says:

          In re: Harvard Alumn

          That link, if anything, proves you wrong. Nowhere does it say that the administration’s decision to close the gates was made in response to requests from parents. In fact, it rather clearly says that the administration’s decision to do so was NOT spurred by parental requests but, rather, was made solely by the administration.

          See, e.g., “In accord with these principles, WE decided to welcome members of the Harvard community to rally on our property, but also to limit participation in those protests to Harvard affiliates.” — This says “in accord with these principles,” not “after prompting by the parents of Harvard students.” Moreover, the mere fact that the administration had to send out this message suggests that parents were NOT informed about the protests beforehand.

        • Harvard Alum says:


          No, the letter does not state that the exclusion of non-Harvard students was not due to parental concern for their precious babies.

          Are you really trying to justify Occupy Harvard as a serious movement? You are delusional.

          The hypocrisy is blinding.

      • pkl says:


        I am a Ph.D student at Harvard, with a full scholarship and a modest stipend. I am participating in Occupy Harvard. Please enlighten me as to the exact nature of my hypocrisy. Thanks.


    Go to class and you won’t need a teach in.

  3. […] student run debates. This is starting to happen. Tomorrow (12.7), Science Center D will host the Occupy Harvard Teach In, a series of 30minute lectures from 3:30-7:30pm on all things Occupy. Other small (and rather […]

  4. […] of these things are starting to happen. Tomorrow (12/7), Science Center D will host the Occupy Harvard Teach-In, a series of 30-minute lectures from 3:30-7:30 p.m. on all things Occupy. Other small (and rather […]

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