Harvard Faculty Debates Free Speech

Another article well worth reading, this time from Harvard Magazine.

Thank you, Harvard faculty, for your overwhelming vote in favor of taking Subramanian Swamy’s courses off the catalogue this summer and for standing up for Occupy Harvard’s right to free speech!

“Susan R. Suleiman—Dillon professor of the civilization of France and professor of comparative literature, and interim chair of Romance languages and literatures—rose on behalf of more than two dozen faculty members who had written to Faust to urge that the gates be opened.

She noted, the issues of inequality that animate the Occupy movement are global and durable, and won’t be resolved soon. So she wondered, would the Yard ever be truly safe, or would it be locked down for years to come? Was this not an opportunity for the University to take a stand on those issues? She understood that Harvard needed funds, but was it worrying about alienating Wall Streeters and therefore not opposing the inequalities that now exist? Shouldn’t Faust, as president, use her bully pulpit to say that social inequalities are terrible?

Suleiman’s statement and questions were met with applause.”


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