Massive Joyful Protest Prevents Occupy Boston Eviction

You Can’t Evict an Idea

Last night the Boston community stood up to support Occupy Boston in massive numbers.  With Mayor Menino placing a midnight deadline for eviction of the Dewey Square camp, over 1,000 protestors flooded the longest standing occupy camp in America.  With bands playing into the night, revelers danced, sang and chanted their way towards victory.  By early morning the Boston Police backed down and announced the raid was called off, at least for now.

In preparation for the raid some areas like the library were voluntarily taken down to ensure they were not destroyed, as happened during the OWS raid.  Yet, many tents remained and a solid core were ready to lock arms in solidarity, willing to be arrested in an act of peaceful civil disobedience.  But no flex cuffs were needed.  Instead, the Boston Police seemed hesitant to repeat the mistakes  other cities have made by pulling out rows of stormtroopers, pepper spray, tear gas and sonic pain compliance devices.

For one night, thousands braved the freezing cold and looming raid to stand in solidarity with Occupy Boston.  They came to be counted and show their support for the small, dedicated core who have made Dewey Square a home for peaceful assembly and speech for months. We send our love to every camper and recognize that it is by their act of occupation that we have all been inspired.

This movement has just begun and where it will take us next is yet to be written.  The camp may still be raided at any moment, but last nights display of love, harmony, passion and commitment shows that no matter what happens, Occupy Boston will ride the wind of change proudly for a long time to come … and the ride is going to be very crowded.


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