OH Occupies Primal Scream!

Last night at the stroke of midnight hundreds of Harvard undergrads welcomed the advent of finals week by stripping naked and running laps around Harvard Yard in the bi-annual tradition, “Primal Scream.”

We here at Occupy Harvard know a thing or two about being out in the Yard at night in the cold, so we decided to  serve up hot apple cider, cookies and long-stemmed roses to our bravely and briefly nude compatriots.

In a stunning reversal of opinion, several students actually thanked us for perpetuating the lockdown of Harvard Yard, as this marks the first Primal Scream in history without the presence of creepy tourists and camera-laden passers-by.

Always at your service, Primal Screamers! We hope you’ll come by the info tent again before you leave for break to say hi. And maybe retrieve your boxer shorts.

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