Occupy Harvard Mars Recruiting by Goldman

There’s an article about recruiting events at universities in Bloomberg today featuring our own Sandra Korn! 

“Goldman Sachs canceled visits to Harvard and Brown University last week following a November incident where Occupy Harvard protesters attempted to enter a recruitment session. Students at Yale University, Princeton and Cornell University have also rallied at campus events by investment firms.”


Did we mention that we’re winning? 

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One comment on “Occupy Harvard Mars Recruiting by Goldman

  1. Enough. says:

    Great job Occupy! You really stuck it to them where it hurts! What ever will Goldman do without their oh-so-valuable fresh-out-of-college coffee-fetchers? Hindering the career searches of an entire class of Harvard graduates was definitely worth this monumental and game-changing victory! You and your ideology–with which, unquestionably, everyone agrees–are so much more important than the future plans of the rest of your classmates, and you most certainly deserve to indulge your self-righteous egos at their expense!

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