Two pieces about Occupy Harvard in SSRC

Occupying Harvard Yard


“On the Crimson website, a student questioned the Harvard Occupiers: “Then why are you at Harvard, continuously benefiting from and contributing to its institutional privileges, instead of working with farm workers and disabled people? Because you wanted that Harvard brand, right? Oh the smell of hypocrisy.” For me, Occupy Harvard asks exactly this question. Why are we at Harvard? How do we commit to social equality while attending a private, elite educational institution? How do we learn beyond our institutional and disciplinary confines? How do we envision a better society with others, horizontally?”


Why Occupy Harvard?

by Lisa Stampnitzky

Why set up a protest camp at the richest university in the nation? One answer is presented on a sign posted near the tents occupying Harvard Yard: “Wall Street Occupied My University,” while Maryam Monalisa Gharavi writes in the Los Angeles Review of Books:

Occupy Harvard itself has issued reasons for its existence, demanding a “university for the ‘99 percent,’ not a corporation for the ‘1 percent’” (with a short primer on what this could look like), an alter-model to the corporatization of higher education, and a demand for financial transparency, including the disclosure of all of Harvard’s investments.

As Adbusters noted, “if an occupation can happen at Harvard, it can happen anywhere.”

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7 comments on “Two pieces about Occupy Harvard in SSRC

  1. Steve says:

    That’s great……now heed the latter advice of the ‘vaunted Adbusters’..Declare victory..suspend the physical occupation and proceed forward..This phase is’re not winning the endorsement of a large swath of the 99% at this juncture

    • Harvard Alum says:

      Occupy Harvard is a joke. You’re all going to be rich like me later in life, whether you aspire to or not.

      You have no idea what our Harvard network does for you once you’re out of school.

      Pretend to understand the needs of “the 99%” while you can, your pockets will be swollen with cash soon enough.

      Ah, the naivete of college. I actually kind of miss it.

  2. Mr. Well Intentioned says:

    I think the most beneficial aspect of this is from a marketing perspective. Just like the Harvard brand itself, I don’t think Harvard would be caught dead without its own contrived appearance to try to understand but is also ‘trapped underneath the same bureaucracy as everyone else’. With the same awful message as always “We aren’t so different you and I” and the same excuse of ‘intellectual hierarchy’ being the reason they are at the top and others are at the bottom.

    What is moral is to use intelligence to help other become moral and intelligent, not facilitate the same old status quo and kiss ass when you fail to become that almighty wonderful person you dreamt of being when you were at Harvard in the first place. I guess that is the consolation, those who are apart of the Harvard network know who’s ass to kiss to get ahead for themselves. But because they have to kiss that ass, they become more ruthless and sociopathic towards those not in their group.

    ~from a guy never smart enough to be apart of the elite, but close enough to have relationships with them

  3. Homer says:

    So you’re planning a “Trojan Dome” strategy?

    How original. Did you get the idea from a classics course? FYI, for secret strategies to work, I think you’re supposed to keep them, oh, I don’t know, SECRET. I don’t think the Greeks invited the Trojans to their general assembly . . . .

  4. Brent C. says:

    I don’t see on this website the resolution “Occupy Harvard” approved at its most recent general assembly,about removing the tents (posted on the Space Occupants blog), so as a public service I’ve cut and pasted it here (wouldn’t a well-run movement that has a website publish all approved resolutions on the website? — was this suppressed to hide from the public the incoherence of your decisionmaking process as illustrated, e.g., by all the lame and hazy language, even psychobabble, in the resolution?)::

    “Occupy Harvard 2.0″

    Our first month is over, and in the last 30 days we have greatly affected the discourse amongst students, faculty and staff alike, not to mention hundreds of outside followers. This would not have been possible without our physical manifestation, and its visceral disruption of the status-quo confronting — inelectably — the local population.

    In growing into our second month, to engage the risen discourse, we propose a modification of our physical presence: a consolidation only in footprint, to an interactive community space built within the context of the dome and that can exist within open gates.

    The immediate proposal entails two changes:

    1. That all other structure but for a supply tent is taken down in transforming the dome to a hub of activity, to host events small and large, from student unconferences to performances. [My source tells me that by voice vote the reference to a supply tent was struck; every single tent will be removed by December 20.] Timeframe: December 16th-20th.

    2. That the information space is reimagined out of its current iteration as a static space to be occupied at all hours, perhaps moving to address the public outside of the yard and including an engaging information board auxiliary to the dome.
    Timeframe: starting after the consolidation

    To frame imminent points of information, clarifying questions, and amendments, this proposal is not to encompass the details, physical or otherwise, in the employment of the new space. It is rather a request of confidence in taking the initiative in creating a convivial forum that enables great participation, the exact use and shape of the forum to be readdressed in the spring.

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