Stability and Mobility: From Tents to a Dome

Cleaning up the Yard

The second stage of Occupy Harvard began in the early dawn of Monday with the festive removal of the tents.  The 5:45 AM removal time was set in solidarity with the early morning Occupy Boston raid and eviction on December 10.

Occupy Harvard 2.0 now continues what is the longest occupation in Harvard’s history through its geodesic dome.  From this hub of activity and growth will bloom a renewed spirit, energy and direction for our movement. (We also strive to further winterize the dome, though our efforts have been hindered by the administration’s prevention of necessary materials such as pallets)

Occupy Pins

As a symbolic gesture of our belief in a mobile movement that defies borders and gates we have produced hundreds of Occupy pins, made from orange fabric meant to mimic the color of our tents. The Dome will remain as the physical footprint of our occupation while the pins represent our commitment to an Occupation that reaches out to the community at large.

Statement passed by the GA

In the forty-one days since we began our occupation of Harvard Yard, we have greatly affected the discourse among students, faculty, and staff of the university, as well as attracted the support and attentions of countless outside followers.  These achievements would not have been possible without the physical presence of our encampment since November 9, and the visceral disruption of status quo that has raised consciousness and inspired action both within and without the walls of the university.

In growing into our second month and in order to more fully engage and maximize this risen discourse, we are unveiling a reconfigured physical presence: a re-imagining of our encampment into an interactive community space, built within the space of our winterized geodesic dome.  The dome will become a hub of activity and growth, one that consolidates our original encampment in footprint only while broadening the spirit, energy and directions of our movement.  In our current and future existence we continue to stand in solidarity with Occupy Boston, recently illegally evicted from Dewey Square, and the other growing Occupy movements in neighborhoods where many of us live, including Allston, Brighton, Cambridge and Somerville.

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