Season’s Greetings from Occupy Harvard!

In which the Occupy Harvard elves deliver lumps of coal to the worst

gentlemen at Harvard. Happy Holidays from Occupy Harvard: we deliver!

Harvey Mansfield, his remarks about Women and Gender, his book ‘Manliness’, his notes on homosexuality:…

Niall Ferguson, his bigotry and slanted economics dressed as scholarship:…

Larry Summers: Glass-Steagal, Bail-Outs, Advice against Kyoto, $1B Loss to Harvard, Destruction of Economy, financial disasters ad infinitum…

Robert Rubin & Goldman Sachs, the financial crisis, Glass-Steagal, Enron, Citigroup…

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One comment on “Season’s Greetings from Occupy Harvard!

  1. Molly Golden says:

    Opposed to student debt?
    Occupy top universities who bought the President:
    University of California, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and others…

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