Harvard Student Arrested Without Precedent at a Mitt Romney Event

Matt Bieber was arrested at a Mitt Romney event in New Hampshire yesterday. The student of Harvard Kennedy and Divinity Schools was approached by a police officer while chatting with a campaign staffer and asked to leave the premises. Complying, he left with the officer. Just minutes later, however, he was arrested when he attempted to inquire about the dismissal, which was without reason or provocation.

I tried to keep calm and ask even-keeled questions. Were they telling me I wasn’t even permitted in the street near the facility? And if so, on what grounds? I thought: I’m not planning on starting any trouble, but if I wanted to go and express myself by talking to the media about what had happened, wasn’t that my right?

And then the following exchange took place. I began to ask, “If I express my First Amendment freedoms –

And Officer Manni interjected, “You’ll probably be arrested.”

Read the rest of the story here

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