Harvard Administration seizes, dismantles Occupy Harvard dome

On Day Sixty-Six of the longest occupation in Harvard’s history, and in a direct reversal of their previously stated commitment to ensure free speech in Harvard Yard, university administration removed and dismantled Occupy Harvard’s geodesic dome this afternoon at 4:55pm.

After massive winds picked up the dome at approximately 2:00pm, collapsing one of its sides and moving the entire structure about 15 feet, Occupy Harvard responded en masse to restore the dome to its original location. Occupiers moved their materials and belongings to temporary storage in Phillips Brooks House, and began work on securing the dome to the ground, as agreed to by an emergency general assembly after a consultation with Harvard’s grounds manager. Occupy Harvard was made to understand by the grounds manager that Harvard would not object to the continued presence of the dome so long as it was staked down.

Work halted when Harvard administration returned to the site to demand that the dome be fully dismantled and for this to happen immediately. Occupy Harvard refused to dismantle the dome without cause, as we were in the process of securing the structure safely. Immediately, a facilities crew accompanied by Cambridge police and Harvard Administration seized the dome, walked it to the northeast corner of Harvard Yard, and began the dismantling process out of general eyesight.

Occupy Harvard will redouble its efforts promoting social accountability, public integrity, open academia, and other key values of the Occupy movement for socio-economic justice. The global motto of 2011 — You Can’t Evict an Idea — has never been more true. Our work (and Occupation) will continue.

Join us in the Yard tomorrow afternoon (2-4pm) as we build a critical mass towards an emergency assembly at 4pm in Philips Brooks House.

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8 comments on “Harvard Administration seizes, dismantles Occupy Harvard dome

  1. Should have been anchored!! What’s up?

  2. The patriarchy is in chains and is jealous of your freedom!

  3. Rachel Y., ALM candidate, Visual Arts says:


  4. […] Thank you to all those in the Harvard community and beyond who have expressed to us concern and dismay about the loss of the centerpiece of our physical encampment Friday night. […]

  5. The ex CIA director G.H.W.Bush_Clinton_Obama Off Shoring Jobs Neu Corporatist Fascism moving to make a ‘ Mike Bloomberg ‘ moment .. Mike flipped to heavy Corporate Pressures too .. he was at first a ‘ Friend to Occupy ‘ .. then literally in 24 hours out comes Heinrich Himmler Jr.

    The Corporatist Washington D.C. has dismantled our Bill of Rights recently as a statement to Occupy .. and their new Bill removes Citizenship .. we can now disappear indefinitely at the hands of our Military Police thru the simple signing of a Writ by an Elected Politician in Washington D.C.

    New Fascism, Gentlemen .. the Neu face of American Nazism ala Carlyle Group_Bush Family

  6. […] of the encampment was blown down by strong winds, and carted away Friday evening.  People were heard yelling,, “they took the dome, they took the ….ing […]

  7. Dave says:

    So when the wind took it, no-one was in it?
    Did anyone ever sleep in the tents or were they purely symbolic?

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