UMass Boston is Occupied!

Early this morning students of UMass Boston began their physical occupation of the only public four-year university in Boston.

From their press release:

Occupy UMass Boston is the beginning of an ongoing discussion about the problems with America’s public higher education system and how it has become less and lessaccessible to communities of the poor and minorities while simultaneously increasing thedichotomy between the haves and have-nots. We recognize that this divide is destructivenot just to our generation in this country but to the global community.

In UMass Boston’s original statement of purpose, presented by Chancellor John F. Ryanin 1966, it states “As urban problems mount, many of the city’s most able people flee tothe suburbs and leave the oppressed (…) to struggle alone. The urban university must stand with the city, must serve and lead where the battle is.”

The problems that burden our working class are even greater today. According to UMassBoston’s October 2010 “Beginning College Survey”, 45% of UMass Boston freshmenrespondents believe that “Paying for College” will be “Very Difficult”. And yet, tuition and fees are ever rising: since 2006, UMass Boston in-state tuition and fees haveincreased 38%, from $8,266 to $11,406, and the administration is proposing continuedincreases by a rate of 8% annually. This is a result of both state and federal government policies defunding public higher education and campus administration actions to convertUMass Boston into a privatized university. …

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Twitter hashtag is #OUMB
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