Absurd Theatre Workshop with HUPD

The New Library Working Group had an improv theatre workshop with Harvard University Police Department. Free speech policies and agencies of enforcement clash in a battle apt for absurdist fiction

Act II

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10 comments on “Absurd Theatre Workshop with HUPD

  1. ElMonoJojoy says:

    It is very inspiring to see courageous students doing courageous things. Very meaningful and hopefully contagious.

  2. seems that you guys lost focus of occupy. is this movement about the right to hang signs in libraries?

    • AfflictTheComfortable...ComfortTheAfflicted says:

      If you have a specific criticism, why not share it? As to your question, I’m not directly a member of OH, but I think I can answer:

      Yes, it’s about the right to hang signs in libraries. Just like all those supposed “anti-war” marches in 2003 were really about peoples’ right to march in the street while waving colorful placards.

      Though they really do have the right to do that. Even if it annoys someone. Especially then.

    • AllfonsoCano says:

      Yes! And many other things. I actually believe it’s about changing the country. But why not change our imperfect library system and the way we think while we’re at it?

  3. AfflictTheComfortable...ComfortTheAfflicted says:


    My mom (a retired librarian from UW Madison) asked if there are any plans for Occupy Harvard T-Shirts…

  4. […] We cannot have banners, hang signs or bring in guests. […]

  5. I’m not surprised. That fence thing is part of a Harvard library (Pusey is below). I’m curious if signs on tent posts in the space in front of the covered up statues would work? Those aren’t library property. I think

  6. […]   True to form, by Wednesday morning the offending Valentine’s banner was removed, as per library policy. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; […]

  7. […] the remarkable “theater of the absurd” talent of Harvard Administration, performed utterly without irony. Due to popularity, the […]

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