New Rule Order

In case you haven’t visited the library in the last day or so, Harvard just (re)discovered some important library policies, and luckily had reams of neon pink paper on which to print them. Read them, as they affect all Harvard Library patrons.

"Users who fail to comply are subject to revocation of library privileges"

Note in particular the fourth bullet:

“Students, staff, faculty members, researchers, visitors, and other users who fail to comply with library rules and regulations are subject to revocation of library privileges, disciplinary action, and legal prosecution.”

To a student, revoking library privileges effectively means expulsion.

Unwritten Rules

But here’s what every student, staff, faculty member, researcher, visitor, and other user really needs to know: some rules don’t come on pink slips. In fact, we don’t really know where they come from, but in the past 48 hours these additional rules have been enforced:

  • We cannot have banners, hang signs or bring in guests.
  • Sleeping bags, blankets and other forms of “sleeping equipment” are not permitted in the Libraries.
  • We are not allowed to lie on the floor.
  • Here’s the real kicker: apparently we are also not allowed to sleep in Lamont Library Cafe because of health codes that Harvard suddenly remembered it needed to enforce.

So those are the new rules…today. Who knows what they’ll decide for tomorrow? In the meantime: sweet dreams, fellow Lamonsters! Guess we’re going down with the rest of you criminals:

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One comment on “New Rule Order

  1. […] the Lamont Library Occupation! Bring warm clothes if you intend to join the sleepover (remember:  “sleeping apparatus” not permitted). We’ll have snacks, ear plugs and plenty of solidarity to go […]

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