Today @Lamont: Virtual #hlth & No Layoffs Meeting

Last week, administration inexplicably canceled their scheduled live-person town hall (#hlth) and replaced it with a “virtual online chat.” This was the email that library workers received yesterday about the chat:

Live Chat on Library Transition Scheduled
A live chat on the Library Transition with Provost Alan Garber and Executive Director Helen Shenton will be held on Wednesday, February 15 from noon to 1pm. Library staff are invited to click here at noon on February 15 to submit questions. Please note — to permit University-wide participation, this live chat will replace the Library Community Conversation originally scheduled for the same date and time.

We can only presume this move was intended to symbolize the Harvard Library transition into the ‘digital age?’

  • The No Layoffs Campaign will meet today, 2/15 at 12 noon, in the Occupied Lamont Cafe. All library workers are invited to bring their laptops to Lamont for their “online chat” with admin (and discussion with us afterwards).
  • This Thursday 2/16 at 5:30 p.m. the No Layoffs Campaign will hold a visibility action/picket on Quincy St at Lamont, to call attention to the occupation in the Library. Please join!
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2 comments on “Today @Lamont: Virtual #hlth & No Layoffs Meeting

  1. Hey gang,

    Sorry to be out of touch. When Officer Jacobo Negron threatened me with arrest for returning to work without filing an official clearance with Paul Bellenoit, it rather bummed me out. I have a request for y’all please check the SLAM list.

    A couple of days after being cured of lice, I got what the doctor at HUHS diagnosed as “that thing that’s going around.” It has seriously knocked me on my ass.

    Anyhow, I can’t join you today because I’m under a trepass order. I could do the online thing, but I’d rather go down to U-Mass for the T teach-in. I’ll be in touch.

    the guy by the door

  2. […] assumptions and consequent proposals of the Harvard Library Reorganization Process. From hosting a gathering to enable participation in the Administration’s virtual chat as a community to celebrating our interconnections as our celebration of Valentine’s day, we […]

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