Last Night for Occupied Lamont Library!

Lamont Café has been continuously Occupied since Sunday.

Tonight is our last night.

Come join us for the final 30 hours of events!

At a time when the University is restructuring the library, we are working to change what a library is understood to be. The New Harvard Library Working Group of Occupy Harvard has opened a persistent community space for critical thought, engaged learning, and insistent action in the Lamont Library Café.

We invite everyone to come join us for the final night of the Lamont Library Occupation! Bring warm clothes if you intend to join the sleepover (remember:  “sleeping apparatus” not permitted). We’ll have snacks, ear plugs and plenty of solidarity to go around!

All are welcome!

Thursday/Friday Schedule – New Harvard Library Occupation

Note the Special Event tomorrow: 4-7pm Occupy Donors Phone-A-Thon!  We’ll be hosting a phone and email bank to contact Harvard’s generous donors and alums. We’ll be telling them that we don’t know where their money is going, but we do know that it sure isn’t being spent on ensuring that Harvard’s library system remains the best in the world!

Thursday 7:00  am Morning Meditation
8:30 am Coffee Call
10:00-12:00n Study Hall
1:00 pm Think Tank
Is “Violence” the Opposite of Non-Violence? And Other Cancerous Ideas
2:00p Teach-In
How to challenge hegemony within an institution designed to reproduce itEllen David Friedman will lead this workshop exploring topics such as: the connection between the occupy movement and the labor movement, signs of the end of a neoliberal consensus, training in skills for activism and political organization, a glimpse into Harvard activism in the 70s, and the challeng of bringing librarians on board with our movement.
5:30p Library Workers and Occupy – Solidarity Rally
Outside Lamont
6:00 pm Occupy Harvard General Assembly
9:00 pm Think Tank
Topic: Strategizing Occupy Strategy, Where should Occupy [Harvard] go?
10:00 pm Film Screening (film to be determined)
Friday 7:00 am Morning Meditation
8:30 am Coffee Call
10:00-12:00n Study Hall
1:00 pm Think Tank
What is Occupy Harvard’s relationship with other Occupies both near and far?
2:00 pm Nonviolence Training Workshop with John Bach
4:00-7:00 pm Occupy Donors Phone-a-thon and Pizza Party
7:00 pm The New Harvard Library Assembly
9:00 pm Parting Thoughts Think Tank
10:00 pm Fare thee well, for now.
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One comment on “Last Night for Occupied Lamont Library!

  1. sethriddley says:

    Dear Occupy Harvard,

    With all due respect, any other group holding a ‘think tank’ would do it in the Lamont Forum Room or elsewhere in the many available spaces for group conversation and study. The Lamont Cafe is not meant for large group meetings, and Occupy is being really inconsiderate by camping there for days at a time.

    -Lamont Library circ desk student employee

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