Thank You! We are just beginning.

What an amazing week!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

We occupied, learned and taught, made new friends, and stood solidly against the unjustifiable actions of Harvard administration with respect to the library reorganization.

To everyone who brought us food – coffee, pastries, fruit, candy, snacks, dinners, deserts, and more – THANK YOU!

To everyone who stood in solidarity with us by coming by, emailing, saying something in the yard, or however else, THANK YOU! Our work continues and we look forward to continuing our relationship.

To everyone who thought with us, learned with us, and taught with us, THANK YOU! The success of our transformation of Lamont Café into a re-envisioned space for critical thinking, engaged learning, and insistent action is solely due to our joined commitment to engage, think, and work together. “Take a break. Think.” is an action that is radical in every sense of the word.

Our work is just beginning. We will continue to stand with library workers and to insist on an alternative vision for Harvard libraries, one that cherishes the human communities and collaborative processes that make intellectual and civic engagement—on campuses and in public parks—not only possible but also fruitful.

Occupy Harvard continues strong.

History of the Occupation
What we did:

Brought together library workers, faculty, staff and students to empower grassroots organizing against the fundamentally flawed guiding assumptions and consequent proposals of the Harvard Library Reorganization Process. From hosting a gathering to enable participation in the Administration’s virtual chat as a community to celebrating our interconnections as our celebration of Valentine’s day, we solidified our bonds of solidarity and friendship.

Transformed Lamont Café into a collaborative space for learning and teaching. We enacted and modelled the productive innovations and possibilities of horizontal and participatory education.

Ten Think Tanks, which are all recorded and accessible for listening and commenting. The conversation continues.

Teach-ins and workshops that ranged from an amazingly productive conversation with librarians from around the University to an insightful and incisive teach-in with Ellen David Friedman. We wrote poetry with Filip Marinovich, a vital soul and amazing Occupy Wall Street Poet, and practiced non-violence with John Bach, a Memorial Church Chaplain.

Began the process of calling and emailing Harvard’s donors to ring the alarm bell that while Harvard is getting richer, the libraries are losing. We will continue calling and writing to Harvard’s community at large. The libraries are the center of the University, and an assault on them is an assault on all of us.

Exposed the remarkable “theater of the absurd” talent of Harvard Administration, performed utterly without irony. Due to popularity, the workshop spanned multiple days and made Paul Bellenoit a rising YouTube star.

Raised essential questions. And more. So much more.

Greetings to the Starbucks Counter-Occupation In Istanbul

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