Mic Check

This post is the electronic General Assembly for Occupy Harvard. Please share with us your thoughts, opinions, and requests.


25 comments on “Mic Check

  1. Ed Hamilton says:

    This will clean the big con. Please consider action.
    Condemn venal journalism for severely fooling the people


    If you don’t like being in the 1%, quit Harvard.

    • Jake says:

      My personal opinion:

      I think there’s a common misconception that the Occupiers hate Harvard, don’t respect Harvard, or resent Harvard. That’s not true.

      Instead, I believe we see Harvard as the most powerful and influential educational institution in the world. As members of the Harvard community who care deeply about how all this power is used, we want Harvard to be a force for good. We want it to encourage people to go into public service and give back to everyone who helped us get here, even if it means we won’t make as much money. We want it to set an example for every other university by investing its endowment responsibly. We want it to use its vast resources to study how we can improve society, get people out of poverty, and provide opportunities to those who don’t currently have them. And part of that is leading by doing, giving its workers a living wage to get them started on the road of financial security.

      Students, faculty, and staff, we are Harvard. We shouldn’t want to leave it or distance ourselves from it. We chose to be here because there is more potential here than any other institution in the world. That potential has had tremendous social benefits, but too often it has been used to help the people inside these gates make a lot of money. We don’t want to give up on Harvard. We just think this university can strive harder to use its resources to help everyone.


        I think there is a huge difference between Occupy members from Harvard and the larger Occupy movement. The larger Occupy movement stereotypes Harvard as an elite institution for elite prep school kids and have cited it as an “enemy to the 99%” (Washington Post). I agree the issues Occupy Harvard is fighting for are significant and should be changed, but there is a huge problem labeling the movement as “Occupy.” Most of the press that the Occupy Harvard movement has garnered is just plain contrary to their message, a recent CBS article has said Occupy Harvard is protesting against the Harvard institution, “an elite institution for the 1%” (CBS). This press completely misses the original point of the student protesters for Harvard simple because the label “Occupy” has misconstrued the message.

      • Mac says:

        It seems to me you’re not giving Harvard students enough credit for being able to make up their own minds as to what they decide to do with their lives after leaving the university. Is it the university’s policy to force students into professions that will “make them a lot of money” and be unwilling to “improve society”? Your comment certainly makes it sound that way. Harvard students have the world at their fingertips. If your fellow students don’t live up to your expectations when it comes to service, I’d hardly blame the university.

        • R says:

          While Harvard does not force students into professions that will “make them a lot of money”, it is responsible for selecting students and shaping their opinions and attitudes. And in that sense, Harvard is indeed responsible for the behavior of its graduates.

      • Philip Montalbano says:

        Well put.

        • Mpho says:

          These mobs are goofy little jerks who are crtnaieg chaos with their silly little street parties and asking for trouble. I’ve never seen such a collection of butt-ugly liberal freaks! It’s awesome that they’ve crawled out from under their socialist rocks and into our streets so that the rest of us can see what pseudo-intellectual guttermonkeys these people really are! Where’s the popcorn cause’ this is one grotesquely entertaining freakshow!!! HA HA STINKY FREAKS ON PARADE!!! HA HA!!!

  3. Alek says:

    So Occupy Harvard. Here’s an idea – move your tents outside of the Yard. All of the tourist traffic is forced to go around the fences, and can barely see what’s going on inside. If you relocate to the Science Center lawn, not only will you open up the yard to more traffic (read: visibility), you will be seen in the first place.

    • Free Harvard says:

      We believe this is a reasonable compromise that will be a token gesture indicating respect to any and all participants of the Harvard community affected by restricted gate access…http://www.freeharvard.com

      • Emily says:

        Try to understand that it is not only tourist traffic that is being effected. Due to the Occupy Harvard movement, the students are also keeping those of us who live in and around Harvard Square who regularly cut through Harvard Yard out. Sure, it’s the administration who decided to restrict access, but aren’t you just perpetuating the problem because everyone knows they won’t budge? Just think about how hypocritical you are being– an aspect of a “university for the 99%” is allowing the 99% to access and use school grounds just like everyone else.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Remember that the administration is the sole entity restricting yard access. Only they can fix the situation, but relocating the camp is not the answer.

    • Walter says:

      No. It takes two…

      I am fine with walking around the Yard for a good cause. But I had family here during Thanksgiving Break and I couldn’t even take them see the main part of campus of my own school.

      Boo hoo? Perhaps. But Occupy Harvard is losing fans quickly because of little things like this.

      I am frustrated by the fact that it takes Campus Police forever to respond to a request, but I also blame Occupy Harvard for creating the conditions for a response like this. You are staging a protest amongst freshman dorms. Could you blame the administration for trying to keep out what could be tens or hundreds of other protesters?

      Get out of the Yard and start WORKING for the 99%. This isn’t helping at all.


    Demand No. 1: Leave Harvard Yard immediately.
    Demand No. 2: Don’t be a hypocrite. Quit Harvard and attend Bunker Hill Community College to join the 99%.
    Demand No. 3: Get a job and pay back any financial aid Harvard may have already given you.

  6. John Mullen says:

    Good for you, occupy!
    Let’s all learn to be deliciously ordinary.

  7. counter says:

    Dear Occupiers,

    Thank you for doing us students such a great service!
    It gives me a tingling feeling to know that can get into the yard whenever I want, and other, less fortunate people must remain outside! Thanks for making me feel so special!

    The occupation and subsequent lock-down only help to enforce the image of the school as a privileged institution for the few, and have failed to crystallize into anything more than assertion of the student’s right to voice their opinion, which is a right that was never under threat to begin with. It is time for the rest of us to voice our opinion.
    Leave the yard and return to classes. You are the 1% and must reconcile yourself to this fact. If you cannot do this, then take action and drop out.


  9. Liane Speroni says:

    Can someone direct me to the notes of a recent discussion at a GA (I believe) regarding the use of mic check in a public forum/area or if someone remembers where and when and why this came up, I would appreciate knowing some of the details. It was discussed briefly last night (12/8/11) and I was wondering why it came up.


  10. Philip says:

    It actually amazes me how in-denial the occupy harvard movement is. Maybe they just don’t get it: THE STUDENTS WANT YOU TO GO AWAY AND LEAVE THE YARD. We do NOT want you to stay here for another semester. We do NOT want your hot apple cider. Frankly, you’re ruining the freshman experience of living in an open yard. It’s not the administration: IT’S YOU.

  11. Oli Garch says:


    Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs says we are doing God’s work! Oli Garch agrees. The Goldman guys are wolves and the clients are the sheep, and it is God’s work for the wolves to feed on the sheep…

  12. occupyisnonsense says:

    I don’t understand whats wrong if I actually like working in Finance? Who the hell are you to tell me thats not a field I should pursue? The only reason our financial aid is so generous is because rich people have helped our endowment grow tremendously. We don’t need your entire movement to tell people about public service- people are already involved and do pursue careers in service such as working for non-profit NGOs.

    Also, no one in your movement actually educates anyone- you continually foster resentment among the student body such that no one wants to follow actually in your footsteps. If I wasn’t interested in public service before, I probably dislike it now after interacting with your tents and experiencing the difficulty you have created for the student body. I think you are entire responsible for the gates being closed- it is pretty non sensical of you to blame the administration when you obviously pose a security threat to the students and Harvard community.

  13. Ed Hamilton says:

    Finance is also condemnable for this massive deception by omission:
    “Condemn venal journalism for severely fooling the people” at
    I solicit reply to my assertions.

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