New Harvard Library Occupation

At a time when the University is restructuring the library, we are working to change what a library is understood to be. Albeit no longer in residence, we will continue to occupy Harvard Libraries.

From Sunday, February 12 through Friday, February 17, we occupied Lamont Café 24 hours a day. A strong community of faculty, students, staff and library workers convened in this space to work together to model a more just workplace and the transformative potential of creating a truly collaborative and technologically advanced library. Though we are no longer present in the same way, we continue to occupy the Harvard Libraries-through direct action, think tanks, and community organizing-to insist on the possibilities of a community-centered learning space at the heart of the University.

During our physical occupation, the New Harvard Library Working Group of Occupy Harvard opened a persistent community space for critical thought, engaged learning, and insistent action in the Lamont Library Café. We engaged in communal tasks of producing knowledge (skill-shares, tutoring, and, yes, we read paper drafts), met for morning coffee and conversation, and hosted twice-daily “Think Tanks“—topical discussions in which participants enter as equals and where professors, students, and workers converse as peers.

To learn more about our occupation, visit our History of the Occupation.


9 comments on “New Harvard Library Occupation

  1. lamcafstudy says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous.

  2. wouldnt you like to know says:

    are you guys serious? The occupy movement died like 3 or 4 months ago. Move on

    • ElMonoJojoy says:

      What are you a hater? A hater of the coming new nation we are creating slowly, a new nation that will put human needs above the profits of the 1%? Maybe you’re not, maybe you were not thinking.

  3. Martin X says:

    Harvard prepares ‘students’ i.e. legacy cases, for empire, not education. The UC system now follows your model. Congrats. You win

  4. Library Staffer says:

    Suggestion for a think tank: Is there a moral way to re-organize? What would/should/could you expect of an organization that needs to re-organize? What characterizes a fair and just downsizing?

  5. […] New Harvard Library Occupation […]

  6. Library Staffer says:

    As scholars, Harvard’s Occupy could ally with other a Harvard communities over the Research Works Act ((HR 3699) (for more info, see Harvard Open Access project ( and Chronicle of Higher Education (

    This law is being paid for by Elsevier, whose rising subscription costs are one of the reasons that the library is facing reorganization.

  7. […] most recent protest of the reorganization is an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Occupy New Harvard Library is taking place in Lamont Café. A Harvard library staffer, whose name is withheld to protect him […]

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