What We’ve Done

Here we’ve begun to compile a visual timeline of some our events, publications and culture jams.

Occupy Harvard in pictures:

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Occupy Harvard’s first night :

Season’s Greetings from Occupy Harvard :

Occupy Harvard Faculty of Mischief releases Spring Course Catalog Supplement:

Links below point to photos, video or blog posts about each event. Most videos can also be found on our YouTube channel.


2011/11/02 Harvard students signal their rejection of mainstream economics with the Ec 10 walkout.
2011/11/09 Occupy Harvard establishes its encampment (video).
2011/11/18 Occupy Harvard mic-checks Newt Gingrich at the Institute of Politics (video).
2011/11/20 We supported Harvard custodial workers as they fought for a fair contract.
2011/11/21 The first issue of The Occupy Harvard Crimson is published!.
2011/11/28 Occupy Harvard members write an Open letter to President Drew Faust about the Yard lock-down and the stifling of free speech on campus, and call for transparency in the way in which Harvard’s $32 billion dollar endowment is invested.
2011/11/28 Pulitzer prize winning journalist Chris Hedges embeds with Occupy Harvard.
2011/11/30 The second issue of The Occupy Harvard Crimson is published.
2011/11/30 We mic-checked Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia the evening after he evicted Occupy Philly.
2011/12/10 Video, audio and summary of our first teach-in, featuring professors from Harvard, BC and NYU discussing neoclassical economics in academia & the culture of fear at Harvard.
2011/12/13 Harvard students disrupt Goldman Sachs recruiting event.
2011/12/24 Occu-elves deliver coal to some of Harvard’s naughtiest boys (video).
2011/12/29 Occupy Harvard creates jobs, stimulates local economy (to the tune of three-quarters of a million dollars ).
2012/01/15 John Harvard is occupied by the Détournement of Bronzed Historical Icons Working Group (video).
2012/01/15 Reflection on free speech at Harvard after encampment is dismantled by Harvard administration.
2012/01/26 Occupy Harvard Faculty of Mischief releases a Spring Course Catalog Supplement.
2012/01/28 Bread & Puppet pays a visit to Occupy Harvard for some Occupy Calisthenics (video).
2012/02/01 Harvard Graduate Student Council passes an Occupy Harvard-sponsored resolution standing in solidarity with nonviolent student protesters.
2012/02/06 Occupy Harvard members publish a second Open Letter to President Drew Faust in The Crimson.
2012/02/10 Occupy Harvard bestows “Excellence in the Business of Denying People Medical Care” award to Karen Ignagni of , CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans (video).
2012/02/12 Occupy Harvard occupies Lamont Library for a full week (links to Think Tank audio, photos).
2012/02/13 Occupy Harvard members publish an Op-Ed about the Harvard Libraries, styled after President Faust’s own opaque statement about the library restructuring.
2012/02/13 Absurd Theatre workshop with Harvard University Police and administration (video)
2012/03/12 Occupy Harvard Found Footage Working Group releases video featuring a mysterious spokes-pig (video).
2012/03/23 Occupy Harvard hosts “Currencies, a dis/Conference” with David Graeber (video/audio on conference website).
2012/04/04 For the first time in years, seats on the Harvard Graduate Student Council Executive Committee are contested (by Occupy Harvard members), forcing an actual election. Three Occupy Harvard members are elected to the Committee.
2012/04/10 An independent coalition of students, professors & workers host The Library Forum (link to website), a discussion of the future of the Harvard Libraries.