Occupy Boston Student Summit Sunday at Harvard with Noam Chomsky and Sam Christiansen

Students Occupy Boston Summit! 

Sunday, 11am – 7pm, Harvard University

105 Emerson Hall

Schedule of Events

11 am Coffee & Registration

12 pm Opening remarks

1 pm Class and Education Inequality

1:45 pm Student Debt

2:30 pm Identity: What does it mean to be an ally?

Breakout groups:

Feminists and allies

POC and allies

Queer/transgender and allies

3:30 pm Potluck lunch

4 pm Panel Discussion with Noam Chomsky and Sam Christiansen

5:35 pm Future actions and tactics

7 pm Wrap-up

Emerson 105 (Harvard Yard), Harvard University

Sunday, 2/12/2012

12:00pm until 8:00pm

Why an Occupy Boston Student Summit? The purpose of the summit is to strengthen relationships and exchange ideas among students who have been or want to be involved with the #Occupy movement. Occupy Boston has given student activists across Boston the opportunity to meet other like-minded students who wish to alter and/or dismantle the current political/economic system.

How is a summit different from a general assembly? At our Occupy Boston Student General Assemblies we generally focus on pressing issues, such as upcoming actions. However, the summit gives us a chance to discuss issues that we do not have time to expand on in general assemblies. Some examples include: confronting systemic oppression within the occupy movement, discuss the roots of education inequality, a historical memory of radical student movements, the organizational future of Occupy Boston Students, and more.

If you are curious but haven’t yet participated in #Occupy, this will be a great opportunity to experience the organic and collaborative nature of the movement.

Participating campuses:

Berklee College of Music
Boston College
Boston University
Brandeis University
Bridgewater State University
Emerson College
Harvard University
Lesley University
Northeastern University
Salem State
Simmons College
Tufts University
University of Vermont

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